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Quality Dog Beds by Snuggiepaws

Make sure your dog has the best night sleeps possible with one of our Snuggiepaws hand made Dog Beds. Made out of warm and comfortable dog blanket material designed to provide the perfect place for your dog to rest after a long day playing and walking.

Our Dog Beds differ from our Dog Blankets by including more stuffing inside, which provides an even comfier nights rest. They’re also more absorbent, should any spills or accidents happen in their bed, crate or in the car.

Available in a variety of different sizes, colours, shapes and patterns our Dog Beds are perfect for your dog. They’re all hand made by us in Yorkshire too and not only that, they’re made out of materials that are totally non-irritant to humans and dogs!

There’s no need for ironing, bleach or dry cleaning with our Dog Beds either, which are fully machine washable and vacuum safe.

Dog Beds

Dog Bed FAQs

Our Dog Beds include more stuffing inside which makes them slightly thicker and warmer, as well as being more comfortable for your dog, especially during the winter seasons.

Our Dog Blankets are a slightly thinner alternative, which we normally recommend for easier transportation such as in cars, and for summer when your dog needs to cool off a little bit.

Both options are made by us in the UK, non-irritant, machine washable, odor resistant and flame retardant.