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Beds & Dog Blankets

Your puppy or dog needs somewhere to curl up at the end of a busy day of walks and sniffing, and our dog beds and dog blankets come in all shapes and sizes to give them a place to snooze in comfort and warmth.

SnuggiePaws Dog Bedding

SnuggiePaws started life in 2010 as a small, family run business, to manufacture and sell high-quality pet bedding throughout the UK.

Our aim is to provide all our customers with an excellent service, conducted with care to ensure each bed we supply and deliver meets the requirements expected of a first-class product that both you and your four-legged friend will love.

Our Dog Beds & Blankets

Dog Bed FAQs

Our Dog Beds include more stuffing inside which makes them slightly thicker and warmer, as well as being more comfortable for your dog, especially during the winter seasons.

Our Dog Blankets are a slightly thinner alternative, which we normally recommend for easier transportation such as in cars, and for summer when your dog needs to cool off a little bit.

Both options are made by us in the UK, non-irritant, machine washable, odor resistant and flame retardant.